How to Gently Wash the Exterior of Your Home and Make it Beautiful

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soft washing a homeYou take a shower every day to wash off the dirt from your body. It is just natural that you also do the same with your house. Of course, washing your home every day is not practical. Andrew Thompson states, “… But occasional power washing is a must if you want to maintain the fresh and clean look of your home. That’s why at VT Mobile Pressure Washing in Houston we follow up with our customers regularly.” The need for regular power washing is higher for homeowners whose houses are situated in areas where air pollution is bad. Regular power washing of a house is necessary dirt can quickly build up and can make your home look dirty and ugly. Below are some tips on how to wash the exterior walls of your house for beauty purposes.

Soft wash

Using a power washer to clean the exterior walls of your home is a great way to clean them, but inappropriate usage of a power washer can also damage your home. One of the first things that you need to do before you start power washing your home is to determine the amount of pressure that your home can handle. You can do this by identifying the exterior substrates that are used in your home. Stonework, brickwork, and woodwork are delicate substrates that can be damaged from high-pressure washing.

If you are still having doubts, then the wise thing to do is to resort simply to what is known in the cleaning industry as a soft wash. In this kind of a wash, minimal pressure is used to clean surfaces. Also in this method, the lack of pressure is augmented with the use of chemicals and other cleaning agents. Speaking of cleaning agents: you should choose products that are safe both for humans and the environment. If you can, choose a product that is made with safe and all-natural ingredients.

Watch out for gaps

When power washing your home, you should take care not to force water on gaps such as in between sliding because it can lead to trapped moisture. The trapped moisture in siding can lead to the accelerated development of rust in aluminum and metal parts of your house and can also cause the development of mold, mildew and other organisms that can cause allergies and other health problems to you and the other occupants of your home. These microorganisms can also pose harm to the structural integrity of your home. So when you power wash your home don’t just spray water everywhere. Make sure to avoid spraying on places where moisture can get trapped. Andrew Thompson has multiple locations throughout Texas, with many branches like ViperTech Mobile Pressure Washing Humble, and ViperTech Pressure Washing Sugar Land – and throughout his travels Andrew notices that many houses really do need to be calibrated for gaps. Consult a professional to find out for sure!

Rent, buy or borrow

If you don’t own a power washer then maybe you can just borrow one from a neighbor or a friend. You can also try to look for companies that are renting out cleaning equipment such as power washers. Another option is to hire simply a company that will do the power washing for you. This option is perfect for homeowners who are busy and have little time to do time-consuming house chores such as power washing. If you have the means though then investing in a power washer is a good idea and can save you money in the long run.

Making Your Home Beautiful With Landscaping

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Landscaping is always a great idea if you are planning to live in your house for a long time or envisaging to sell it. With a beautifully landscaped home, there is every possibility to ease stress easily. It can as well help you to feel good about the environment of your living domicile. Landscaping can help to raise the value of your property and also make it look highly attractive.

Are you pondering on making your home beautiful with landscaping?

Have you been wondering from one place to another searching for how to make your home attractive with landscaping?

Presently, there are several landscaping strategies that can help your home look beautiful and attractive. Applying these strategies will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable of your living domicile. Even if you plan to market your property, these landscaping ideas will make buyers more excited. Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover strategies to make your home beautiful with landscaping easily.

Before you read that, here’s a preview of what you could be enjoying as soon as you implement them:


Studies have shown that landscaping can be perfectly implemented in the front yard of a home. This simply means that the front of a home remains the face of the house. The front yard of the home reveals your personality and as well give a message if visitors are welcome. When buyers come to access a home on sale, the first factor they often consider is the front yard.

If the front yard of a home is attractive, there is every possibility for buyers to pay even more than the estimated market value. Landscaping that is made up of half-dead plants and overgrown bushes will immediately turn off a buyer. However, this will also reduce the market value of your house. Landscaping that is garnered with trimmed hedges and beautiful flowers will surely captivate the attention of buyers. A well-designed front yard will make a home look highly sophisticated and beautiful.

Another important place to implement landscaping is behind the house. Passersby or the public do not often see the backyard of a house. It is a place where you and your family can pass time after closing duty from the office. People who are free of stress and happier often spend time relaxing in their backyard. Do you know that a beautiful and well-designed backyard is an extension of your home? In fact, it is often considered an extra room in the real sense. A comfortable and usable backyard will worth more value to buyers during purchase. It is more worth than overgrown bush environment or a place that cannot be used. Having a beautiful backyard can immediately help to ease or reduce your stress through landscaping.

Dressing up your driveway is another great landscaping tip that can make your home beautiful. An unattractive driveway can be hidden from the sight of the public by carefully sculpting the landscape. Choosing the right materials and plants for the landscape sculpting process will also give your driveway an attractive look.

To begin a home’s landscaping project may sometimes be overwhelming. Nevertheless, the results are highly guaranteed after being implemented. With these simple tips, you will discover that making your home beautiful with landscaping is not a difficult task.